Why PDF?

This site started out as a little experiment with Linux and Open Office as a way to bring the Shoebox Project with me when I was away from the internet.

I don’t even recall the first time I linked it to a Shoebox fan community.

Then, the Shoebox LJ community got hacked. Everything was gone. I shared the site in the one post Rave or Jaida left in the community the day everything vanished.  Little did I dream my little experiment would become vital in the preservation of this wonderful project.

Please take, enjoy, and share.

Q. What is this?:

A. This is the glorious [info]shoebox_project written by [info]ladyjaida and [info]dorkorific which has been lovingly converted to the more self-contained Adobe Portable Document Format, commonly known as PDF.

Q. Do I need special software to read it?:

A. Why, yes you do. Nope! Not anymore! But you can download Adobe’s Acrobat Reader from here, or you can use any other PDF reader of your choice. A great lightweight PDF reader for Windows users is Foxit Software’s Free PDF reader.


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